Calmbirth® Geelong / Bellarine / Surfcoast

Part of an inspirational childbirth program designed to guide expextant parents on how to use techniques such as deep relaxation, focused breathing and other inner resources they naturally possess, to create a positive birth experience irrespective of the journey.

Suitable for everyone, first time and subsequent births, those planning a VBAC / NBAC (next birth after c.section)


The physiology of birth: relationship between our birthing beliefs / the mind & body.

* Undisturbed birth / hormones involved

* Your baby's position in utero / ways to optimise position in pregnancy then positions for birth.

* Focused breathing, relaxation & visualisation techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

* Massage / importance of touch / skin to skin at birth with baby to promote bonding / breastfeeding

* Partner's role as part of the birthing team

* How to remain calm if unexpected circumstances arise.

* Baby friendly settling strategies