Calmbirth® Geelong / Bellarine / Surfcoast

Cost - (Private Health Rebates available from providers listed below)

Group Sessions $450 per couple (includes class handbook / USB)

Concession or payment plan available for any person who has genuine financial constraints

Private Sessions $500 per couple

Booking in process

1. Click here to download Enrolment Form.

Complete form and send to  

2.Pay $100 via online banking (details below)

This payment secures your booking and is non refundable.

This leaves the balance of $350 (group) or $400 (private) payable at any time prior to your course.

Once $100 payment is received you will be emailed confirmation.


Bank Details:

BSB: 633 000

Acc No. 143 334 092 (No gaps)

Acc Name: Kath Maxwell

Please reference your name with payment



0402 203 267

When to Book?

Any time after 24 weeks and ideally before 34 weeks of pregnancy. This allows time to benefit from the relaxation, begin practicing techniques and build positive beliefs about birth in pregnancy.



I am passionate about calmbirth and believe that these classes should be available and affordable to everyone.

Please let me know if you have genuine financial concerns and a payment plan or fee reduction can be considered.

If you are a single mum you are welcome to bring another single mum and share the cost. (there are websites connecting single mums)


Private Health Funds currently offering rebates 





Defence Health





RT Health