Course Outline

The Calmbirth® class is part of an inspirational childbirth education program designed to guide expectant parents on how to use techniques such as deep relaxation, focused breathing and other inner resources they naturally possess to create a positive birth experience.  

Suitable for both first time parents and those who have birth previously - natural, assisted or planning VBAC / NBAC(next birth after caesarean)



* The physiology of birth; the relationship between mind and body, and importantly, building trust in your ability to birth.  Hormonal release, what helps and what hinders.  Your bony pelvis, uterine muscles and ligaments, body balancing for optimal fetal positioning. The role of the baby's position during birth.

* How to activate the Relaxation Response for a more managable birth.

* Simple, effective breathing techniques and relaxation exercises to use during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

* Birth positions, massage techniques, acupressure points, comfort measures.

* The role of partners or birthing supports in the lead up to birth and on the day.

* How to remain calm and positive during unexpected situations.

* Enlightening insights into bonding and the developing parent/baby relationship.  Skin to skin at birth; early breastfeeding and settling strategies.