Calmbirth® Geelong / Bellarine / Surfcoast


Private Health Fund rebates available (providers below)


Split payment option

$200 to secure booking 

Balance of $350 (group) or $450 (private) is due the fortnight before course.

Full payment can be made at time of booking


Group Sessions

$550 per single or couple 

Concession available for those with genuine financial issues.


Private Sessions

$650 per single / couple 


Booking in process


1. Click here to download Enrolment Form.

Complete form and email copy (screenshot is fine) to  


2. Pay $200 (or full payment of $550 group / $650 private)

via online banking (details below)

Once $200 payment is received you will be emailed confirmation.


Bank Details:

BSB: 633 000

Acc No. 143 334 092 

Acc Name: Kath Maxwell

Please reference your name with payment



0402 203 267


When to attend Calmbirth?

28 - 36 weeks ideally. This allows time to benefit from the relaxation, begin practicing techniques and build positive beliefs about birth in pregnancy.



I am passionate about calmbirth and believe that these classes should be available and affordable to everyone.

Please let me know if you have genuine financial concerns and a payment plan or fee reduction can be considered.

If you are a single mum you are welcome to bring another single mum and share the cost. (there are websites connecting single mums)


Private Health Funds currently offering rebates 





Defence Health





RT Health